Update for 1/21/12: The Reply Brief

On 11/23/12 attorney Bruce Leichty filed Ellen Mariani’s Petition for Writ of Certiorari with the US Supreme Court.  (Click here to read it.)  We subsequently decided that a Reply Brief should be filed on behalf of Ellen Mariani.  That Reply Brief was filed on 1/8/13 and it is now available for viewing.  (Click here to read it.)

Initial fund-raising efforts of the Committee were devoted to raising sufficient funds toward the attorney’s fees and costs of the filing of the Petition ($13,629 raised, on a goal of $11,000).   Attorneys for John Ransmeier then filed an optional Opposition Brief.  (Click here to read it.)  The Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund, and Ellen Mariani and Bruce Leichty, extend sincere thanks to two new donors who very generously contributed to make the filing of a Reply Brief possible, J. O. of Australia and E. W. of Canada.   (There was also a smaller donation from another source.)  The goal of the Committee for the Reply Brief, at the request of Bruce Leichty, was to raise $2,500 to cover costs and some attorney’s fees, and that goal was met.

The Supreme Court’s docket for Ellen’s case (click here to view) indicates that the briefs have been distributed to the justices and that they will have a conference on 2/15/13.  Now we wait for them to make a decision.  (Note: the fact that the justices will be discussing Ellen’s case at a conference does not imply anything about the likelihood of the petition being granted.)