Committee for the Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund

  • Christopher Bollyn, President (Groundbreaking 9/11 researcher and author; his website:
  • Vincent Gillespie, Secretary-Treasurer (9/11 truth advocate)

4 thoughts on “Committee for the Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund

  1. I met Ellen many years ago in San Francisco when she had Phil Berg THE IMPOSTER defending her. It was a 9/11 function put up by Carol Brouillet (who incidentally only until now is appreciating the work of Christopher Bollyn, SHE WASN’T THEN) but that’s all to the good. I want to pay by Debit card for Ellen’s case, by snail mail will take too long if she’s going to do all this before Sept 11. Bollyn just posted this on his website this morning. I have been his staunch supporter since day one and have both his books. Please get in touch with me
    (559) 417-1151

  2. Hello to A & E for 911 Truth. There are over 1,500 of you out there and it will only take $10. per person to acquire the funds needed for Ellen and her attorney to file her case before the US Supreme Court in DC. Boots on the ground ASAP, please.

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