Update for 10-11-13 — Ellen Mariani agrees to probate court settlement

Bruce Leichty, attorney for Ellen Mariani, has informed the Legal Defense Fund that, based on the exhaustion of all her options in the federal court 9/11 case, Mrs. Mariani reached a settlement of all issues in her late husband’s probate case in New Hampshire in late September — more than 12 years after Louis Neil Mariani boarded United Flight 175 and became one of the 3,000 persons who died at the hands of terrorists on 9/11/2001.   Bruce notes that although the settlement could not and did not involve further insights into the identities of all the covert terrorists or collaborators, or the events leading to her husband’s death, Ellen avoided the serious monetary surcharges that had been threatened in the probate case as a result of her activism.  Ellen and Bruce convey their thanks for your support during a difficult time.

The settlement allows Bruce Leichty to challenge the sanctions imposed on him for having revealed to the 2nd Circuit the ties that existed between the son of 9/11 trial Judge Alvin Hellerstein and the Israeli affiliates and joint venturers of certain defendants in the 9/11 case (ICTS, Huntleigh, and Boeing).   Bruce says he has not yet decided whether he can take on that appeal; there will be an announcement on the website when a decision is made.