AMOUNT RAISED: $16,278 (updated 5/29/14)

We are not collecting more donations at this time.


1 thought on “DONATIONS

  1. It is clearly realized that some who may strongly wish to make a monetary donation for whatever reason simply are unable to do so. Of those individuals in particular I would ask more than ever that you do “contribute” by keeping Ellen and her honest, and very courageous and persevering attorney Bruce Leichty in your prayers. Their cause in the fight for 9-11 truth and justice should be the cause of all true — and I emphasize the word true — American patriots. The sad — very sad truth be told, it is the long perpetuation of lies by our own government concerning 9/11 that has inflicted and continues to inflict terrible damage on our nation via her costly and insane bogus wars on terrorism at home and abroad, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians abroad that have been killed in our foreign “interventions.”

    James B. Phillips, Vietnam Vet and ex-Marine Corps officer

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