Vincent Gillespie, Secretary-Treasurer of the Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund can be reached by email at the following email address:


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  1. I would love to contribute to the legal support fund but just can’t offer much really. Just wanted to suggest, if you complete a proposal and put it online before the end of the month you will have 30 days to fulfill it and get the money before the deadline. Hope it works. I get 9/11 newsletters so I am sure I will hear about it and make a small contribution.

  2. This is one person who is trying and trying to get what is right. How can you play ball with corrupt ‘judges’ like Hellerstein? Appalling Of course, Silverstein hs never even been questioned. There should be murder investigation! Oh well…. Hang on. Sorry, but I am alas, financially unable to assist. Why should you need money to go to court? The final insult, to pay for sham ‘justice!’ .

  3. Sorry for your loss Mam. Have you considered asking a left leaning philanthropist? Martin Sheen, if Gore Vidal has a foundation? Richard Gere , etc etc? Good luck i wish you the best. I would approach Hollywood thru someone who knows how to get these people s attention, good luck, Vlad L Boston, MA

  4. hello mrs mariani,

    thank you for your tremendous efforts! I am following your story since it became public and admire your will and strength. I wish you the best – money for your defense fund is already on its way … 🙂
    keep up your good faith and be aware that your cause concerns many people outside of the u.s.! we are watching and are keeping fingers crossed ….

    best wishes
    peter (austria/vienna)

  5. First of all,there was no aa175 flight that hit the wtc on 9/11. In fact,the mentioned plane is still in service if you bothered to check the serial numbers of this plane.The planes that did hit the wtc towers 1 & 2 were military fuel tankers leased and operated by Dov Zakhiem. Yes,the same Dov Zakhiem that stole 3 trillion dollars from the pentagon,became director and chief over NIST,FEMA,and head of Homeland Security as well as an overseer with the 9/11 commision.The military planes that did hit the wtc were 767 refuelers with flight termination systems attached to the underbelly and are clearly visable and have been clearly identified by military experts in all the video’s and pictures taken that day.There were no commercial planes that crashed anywhere on 9/11. There was however,2 military planes (wtc) and a global hawk drone (pentagon). My question is….why would you say your husband died on a flight that didnt exist??? Why are you facing judge Hellerstein,a judge put in charge of 9/11 litigation by none other than Dov Zakhiem and the Bush administration? Get your facts and story straight. There are many people who lost loved ones on 9/11 and they deserve the truth.The entire Bush administration are now convicted war criminals and dont travel abroad. Others such as Larry Silverstien,Frank Lowey,Dov Zakhiem,CDI members and many others responsible for the 9/11 controlled demolision of the wtc will face justice in one way or another. Your story of losing a loved one in a commercial aa flight 175,hitting the wtc is bogus and only adds to the official gov story of highjackers which is total nonsense and holds no proof or even a shread of truth. Be very careful in what you’r wishing for. When the truth comes out about 9/11,you’ll find yourself on the wrong side of a courtroom.

    • Hi pvss,

      It was United Airlines flight 175, not American Airlines flight 175.

      Contrary to what you alleged, I don’t think I wrote anywhere that flight 175 hit the WTC on 9/11. I agree that the planes that took off with the passengers were not the same ones as those that hit the towers.

      You wrote “…why would you say your husband died on a flight that didn’t exist???” (I am Vincent Gillespie answering your post, not Ellen Mariani.) I am not sure what you mean by that. Ms. Mariani saw her husband to the airport on 9/11 and said goodbye to him minutes before he got on the plane. As far as I know the flight existed, it took off with the passengers including Mr. Mariani, although I agree that it is not the same plane as the one that hit the tower.

      You wrote: “Why are you facing judge Hellerstein, a judge put in charge of 9/11 litigation by none other than Dov Zakhiem and the Bush administration?” Ellen did not have a choice of which judge to face. All 9/11 cases of the type that her case was were required to go through judge Hellerstein’s courtroom.

      -Vincent Gillespie

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