Vincent Gillespie, Secretary-Treasurer of the Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund can be reached by email at the following email address:


9 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I would love to contribute to the legal support fund but just can’t offer much really. Just wanted to suggest, if you complete a proposal and put it online before the end of the month you will have 30 days to fulfill it and get the money before the deadline. Hope it works. I get 9/11 newsletters so I am sure I will hear about it and make a small contribution.

  2. This is one person who is trying and trying to get what is right. How can you play ball with corrupt ‘judges’ like Hellerstein? Appalling Of course, Silverstein hs never even been questioned. There should be murder investigation! Oh well…. Hang on. Sorry, but I am alas, financially unable to assist. Why should you need money to go to court? The final insult, to pay for sham ‘justice!’ .

  3. Sorry for your loss Mam. Have you considered asking a left leaning philanthropist? Martin Sheen, if Gore Vidal has a foundation? Richard Gere , etc etc? Good luck i wish you the best. I would approach Hollywood thru someone who knows how to get these people s attention, good luck, Vlad L Boston, MA

  4. hello mrs mariani,

    thank you for your tremendous efforts! I am following your story since it became public and admire your will and strength. I wish you the best – money for your defense fund is already on its way … :)
    keep up your good faith and be aware that your cause concerns many people outside of the u.s.! we are watching and are keeping fingers crossed ….

    best wishes
    peter (austria/vienna)

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